Telephone: 955 389 774  ·

Telephone: 955 389 774

A loyal commitment to fine products and tradition, but also to exploration. A journey of raw ingredients from our surroundings, revisited through the French kitchen. Cuisine and cocktails are based on the same technique that results in an exquisite pairing.


A journey across Spain, where the local wines and the rich setting of sherry have special importance. Our wine list has 52 references, and includes brands and wineries from other countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Argentina.


Our signature cocktails are based on the skill of traditional cuisine, brought to life in a solid, courageous proposal with personality, composed of 22 references. Infusions, fermented, clarified, purees, jams … techniques that will surprise you and with which you will enjoy the aroma, flavor and vision in each sip.


We are passionate about brands with stories, both big and small, that come with a resounding message to win us over. At Chicarreros, they are selected with love, and offered to accompany you in the moments you will experience with us.



Restaurant & Cocktail

Address: Calle Chicarreros, 7. 41004 Sevilla.